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Strategic Solar Energy Research Group of the Federal University of Santa Catarina

FotovoltaicaUFSC FacilitiesThe FOTOVOLTAICA-UFSC group develops studies in several areas of application of solar energy in Brazil, with a focus on photovoltaic systems integrated to the built environment and connected to the public electricity grid, the so-called Photovoltaic Solar Buildings. With no moving parts, minimal maintenance, no noise or any kind of pollution, and using virtually inexhaustible energy from the sun, Photovoltaic Solar Buildings have been growing in importance and application all over the world.

Photovoltaic RoofingPhotovoltaic Solar Buildings integrate solar modules to their façade and/or roof, generating, in a decentralized way and near the point of consumption, electric energy by the direct conversion of sunlight and serving at the same time as coating material of these facades and roofs . Systems of this type inject into the public electricity grid any surplus energy generated and, on the other hand, use the electricity grid as backup when the amount of energy generated is not enough to attend the consumer installation.





Solar Energy Laboratory of the Federal Technological University of Paraná

The Solar Energy Laboratory – LABENS - aims to develop research to determine the spatial distribution of solar radiation and photovoltaic potential in the State of Paraná, Brazil, and analyze the performance of grid-connected photovoltaic systems (SFVCR) with different technologies in the various microclimates found in the state. For this, it has a Network of Solar Energy Research Stations - EPESOL - installed in six UTFPR campi in Paraná. In each EPESOL four SFVCR were installed with different technologies of photovoltaic modules and one solarimetric station.

With its work, LABENS helps in the dissemination of technical/scientific knowledge of this important energy source in the State of Paraná. Its main partner in research is LABREN/INPE.



Photovoltaic Systems



Sundata 3.0 (CRESESB)

The SunData program is designed to calculate the monthly average of daily solar irradiation at any point in the national territory made available through web-based consultation. It is an attempt by CRESESB to offer a tool to support the design of photovoltaic systems.

SunDataAfter the publication of the 2nd Edition of the Brazilian Atlas of Solar Energy in 2017, CRESESB obtained authorization to use it in the update of the Sundata database. Produced from a total of 17 years of satellite images and validated with data collected in-situ throughout the Brazilian territory, the Brazilian Atlas of Solar Energy - 2nd Edition is the most modern in information on solar irradiation in Brazil.

The database used for queries to the SunData is the global horizontal irradiation that contains information of more than 72,000 points throughout the Brazilian territory with distances of approximately 10 km between them.





Application EStimate (Federal University of Viçosa)

Application EStimateEStimate is a photovoltaic solar energy sizing application capable of assisting those who wish to have a solar energy system in their home, both to reduce energy costs and to invest in clean, sustainable energy, collaborating with the environment and family finances.

Scaling a solar photovoltaic system becomes easy with EStimate, which also does the financial analysis of the investment, informing the time and value of the return. Based on the average daily energy consumption and various equipment available in the market, it is possible to estimate which of them are suitable for the interested party. In this way the choice is made with greater security, taking into account the available area, the total value, the reliability of the supplier, among other parameters.

Android version available on Google Play.





INPE - National Institute for Space Research / DIIAV - Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability Division


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