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Enio Bueno Pereira     (Coordinator)

BS in Physics (USP, 1973) / Master of Geophysics (USP, 1977) / PhD of Geosciences (Rice University, USA, 1980). Carried out postdoctoral internships in the United States, France and Germany.

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Area of expertise: Senior Researcher of the National Institute for Space Research, held various management positions in this institution. Currently coordinates the Laboratory of Modeling and Studies of Renewable Energy Resources of the Earth System Science Center. CNPq level 1 researcher. Published more than 180 national and international scientific articles and eight books. Reviewer of various international and national journals in the areas of Global Climate Change, Renewable Energies and Applied Meteorology. Ad-hoc advisor to FAPESP, CAPES, CNPq and FAPESB. Leads several projects and R & D agreements with national and international funding. Belongs to the graduate faculty of Meteorology and the course of Earth System Science, both at INPE.

André Rodrigues Gonçalves

BS in Aeronautical Engineering (USP, 2006) / Master of Meteorology (INPE, 2011) / PhD of Earth System Science (INPE, in progress).

See Lattes Curriculum

Area of expertise: Observational studies of variability and anthropogenic impacts on renewable energy resources. Atmospheric modeling applied to the Brazilian wind sector. Collection, training and dissemination of observational data of renewable energy resources.

Fernando Ramos Martins

BS in Physics (USP, 1986) / Master of Nuclear Technology (USP, 1992) / PhD of Space Geophysics (INPE, 2001).

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Area of expertise: Numerical modeling, renewable energy, remote sensing, geographic information systems and applications of electromagnetic radiation in radiology technology.

Francisco José Lopes de Lima

BS in Physics (UECE, 2008) / Master of Meteorology (UFCG, 2011) / PhD of Meteorology (INPE, 2015).

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Area of expertise: Atmospheric modeling for renewable energy resources assessment, mainly in the following themes: solar, wind and numerical modeling of mesoscale, statistical models, artificial neural networks and multiple linear regression.

Madeleine Sánchez Gácita Casagrande

BS in Physics (University of Havana, 2002, revalidated by UNICAMP in 2017) / Master of Meteorology (INPE, 2011) / PhD of Meteorology (INPE, 2016).

See Lattes Curriculum

Area of expertise: Atmospheric modeling, numerical modeling of physical and chemical processes in the troposphere, including emission and dispersion of pollutants, chemical gas transformations, dry and wet deposition of gases and aerosols, and activity as CCN of atmospheric aerosols. She has acted mainly in the following subjects: environmental meteorology, atmospheric aerosols, impact of the burnings in South America, environmental impact of energy generation with fossil fuels.

Marcelo Pizutti Pes

BS in Physics (UFSM, 2007) / Master of Meteorology (INPE, 2009) / PhD of Earth System Science (INPE, 2015).

See Lattes Curriculum

Area of expertise: Development and implementation of quality control testing for the SONDA network data. Validation of BRAZIL-SR model. Survey and studies of the variability of the solar and wind energy resources.

Rodrigo Santos Costa

BS in Meteorology (UFAL, 2003) / Master of Meteorology (UFRJ, 2006) / PhD of Meteorology (INPE, 2012).

See Lattes Curriculum

Area of expertise: Atmospheric modeling, computational modeling, renewable energy sources, applied meteorology and meteo-oceanography, acting on the following topics: energy, solar radiation, solar energy, atmospheric aerosols, mesoscale meteorology, climatology, micrometeorology and physical oceanography.

Eduardo Weide Luiz

BS in Meteorology (UFSM, 2011) / Master of Meteorology (INPE, 2014) / PhD of Earth System Science (INPE, 2018).

See Lattes Curriculum

Area of expertise: Renewable energy resources, meteorological instrumentation, cloudiness and radiative transfer in the earth-atmosphere system.

Gerson Máximo Tiepolo

BS in Electrical Engineering (UTFPR, 1990) / Post-Graduation of Maintenance Management (UTFPR, 1994) and Quality and Productivity Management (UFPR, 2000) / Master of Production Engineering and Systems (PUCPR, 2005) / PhD of Engineering Production and Systems (PUCPR, 2015).

See Lattes Curriculum

Area of expertise: Renewable sources of energy, solar energy, solar radiation, photovoltaic systems, energy planning. Professor at UTFPR since 1995 working in the Electrical Engineering and Control and Automation courses, EAD in Logistics and Post-Graduation in Renewable Energies. Researcher at the Nucleus of Research in Energy: Public Policies, Finance & Technology, Nucleus of Management of Technology and Innovation, Post-Graduation Program in Energy Systems (PPGSE / UTFPR). Coordinator of the Solar Energy Laboratory (LABENS / UTFPR) and Leader of the Research Group on Solar Energy and Photovoltaic Systems (UTFPR), where he develops research on solar radiation and photovoltaic potential together with LABREN. Reviewer of articles in the area of energy.

José Celso Thomaz Júnior

Degree in Physics (UNESP-Rio Claro, 1985)/ Master of Sciences (ITA, 1989) / PhD of Physics (Université Paris XI, 1995).

See Lattes Curriculum

Area of expertise: Responsible for implementing procedures for supervising and management of the instrumentation used in the SONDA network stations and the logistics of field operations. Responsible for Meteorological Instrumentation Laboratory (LIM).

Maria Francisca Azeredo Velloso

BS in Meteorology (UFRJ, 2004) / Master of Mechanical Engineering (UFRJ, 2007) / PhD of Earth System Science (INPE, 2017).

See Lattes Curriculum

Area of expertise: Possibility of Hydro-Solar Hybrid Generation in the São Francisco Basin.

Ricardo Rüther

BS in Metallurgical Engineering (UFRGS, 1989) / Master of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (UFRGS, 1991) / PhD of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (University of Western Australia, 1995). He completed post-doctoral internships in Germany (1995-1996) and Australia (2011-2012).

See Lattes Curriculum

Area of expertise: Founder and Coordinator of the Solar Energy Research and Training Center of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), where he is Professor. Researcher level 1 of CNPq. Director of the Institute for the Development of Alternative Energies in Latin America (IDEAL). Founder and First President of the Brazilian Section of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES). Coordinates research projects and guides PhD students, masters and scientific initiation in the areas of photovoltaic solar generation, solarimetry, energy storage and electric vehicles.

Samuel Luna de Abreu

BS in Mechanical Engineering (UFSC, 1992) / Master of Mechanical Engineering (UFSC, 1995) / PhD of Mechanical Engineering (UFSC, 2003). He completed post-doctoral internships at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (Germany) and at the Polytechnic Institute of Porto (Portugal).

See Lattes Curriculum

Area of expertise: Associate Professor at the Federal Institute of Santa Catarina (IFSC), where he works in the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning area. Coordinator of the IFSC's Alternative Energies Group, with an extensive list of publications focused primarily on thermal applications of solar energy and study of the solar energy resource. He was president of the Brazilian Solar Energy Association (ABENS) (2011-2013) and Brazilian representative on the board of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES). He also works as a collaborating researcher for laboratories such as LABREN / INPE, Lepten / Labsolar-UFSC and Photovoltaica / UFSC, as well as research networks such as the National Institute of Science and Technology of Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency of the Amazon.

Sylvio Luiz Mantelli Neto

BS in Electrical-electronics Engineering (FATEC-São José dos Campos, 1986) / Graduate Program of Computer Engineering (Waterloo University, Canadá, 1994) / Master of Computer Science (UFSC, 2000) / PhD of Engineering and Knowledge Management (UFSC, 2010).

See Lattes Curriculum

Area of expertise: Works in field instrumentation, measuring stations projects and climate monitoring networks for solar, wind, climate, energy, image processing, multivariate statistical methods for identifying patterns and computational intelligence.

Érica Ferraz de Campos

Graduated of Architecture and Urbanism (USP, 2003) / Specialization of Environmental Management (Unicamp, 2008) / Master of Civil Engineering (USP, 2012) / PhD of Earth System Science (INPE, in progress).

See Lattes Curriculum

Area of expertise: Analysis of technologies for solar energy generation for local use in the São Francisco River Basin by NEXUS approach to water, energy and food.

Fabiana Lourenço e Silva Ferreira

BS in Architecture and Urban Design (Puc-Campinas, 1992) / Master of Engineering of Building Systems for Comfort (USP, 2003) / PhD of Earth System Science (INPE, in progress).

See Lattes Curriculum

Area of expertise: Analysis of the thermal performance of urban surfaces in São José dos Campos, SP - Brazil.

Guilherme Marques Neves

BS in Metallurgical Engineering (UFF, 2013) / Master of Engineering and Space Technologies (INPE, 2016) / PhD of Engineering and Space Technologies (INPE, in progress).

See Lattes Curriculum

Area of expertise: Materials Sciences and Sensors, developing research in the field of solar energy, specifically in the evaluation of the performance of photovoltaic modules in the field.

Guilherme Bággio M. Machado

BS in Electrical Engineering (INATEL, 2014).

Ver Currículo Lattes

Área de atuação: Collaborator dedicated to the standardization of processes and systems, maintenance of sensors and telemetry equipment, automation and optimization of the SONDA network.

Jefferson Gonçalves de Souza

BS in Scientific Computing (UNITAU, 2008) / Master of Applied Computing (INPE, in progress).

See Lattes Curriculum

Area of expertise: Development of computer codes for manipulation and organization of satellite data base and improvement of the Brazil-SR model. Control and archiving of the satellite images of the model input database and its rounds in its various configurations.

Silvia Vitorino Pereira

BS in Industrial Design (FEBASP, 1997).

See Lattes Curriculum

Area of expertise: Collaborator of the National Institute of Space Research (INPE) since 2002, she is a specialist in Geographic Information Systems, with extensive experience in book publishing, elaboration of maps, illustrations and scientific infographics. Participated in extensive national and international projects such as the SONDA, PETROBRAS and SWERA Projects. She also acts in the formatting, qualification and dissemination of solarimetric and anemometric observational data and in the development and maintenance of the websites of LABREN and the SONDA network.

Simone Emiko Barbosa Umeno Schumann

Graduation in Administration (UNIP São José dos Campos, 2008); Technician in Business Administration (Colégio Olavo Bilac, 2004).

See Lattes Curriculum

Area of expertise: Financial management; management, planning and organization of project activities.


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