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Dispelling the myths of Intermittent Energy

The Stone Age did not end because the stones were over, but because bronze and iron proved to be better alternatives. In the same way, oil, natural gas, hydroelectric and nuclear energy will be replaced, not because they have ended up or have been lacking, but because their alternatives have become cheaper and more efficient.

Renewable energies still face some obstacles. Some are inherent in all new technologies, others are the result of an immature or distorted market regulatory framework. There is a recurring idea in the electricity sector that using wind and solar technologies for electricity generation is unreliable and intermittent to such an extent that these renewable energies can never contribute significantly to the safe and low cost supply of electricity. This paper presents and discusses some of these myths and technical barriers to the greater penetration of these two forms of electric generation.




Based on the work of ISES (International Solar Energy Association)
"Reneables in the Grid - Dispelling the Myths"


INPE - National Institute for Space Research / DIIAV - Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability Division


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